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Our Story

US owned business enterprise to provide best of breed IT solutions to SMB and large corporations.

Complete industry specific solutions in areas like ecommerce, Mobile, ERP, Server administration, Data warehousing and Enterprise portals.

Diversified in year 2012 into other areas such as Mobile App Development, Big Data, E learning, Enterprise Application Solutions and Internet Technologies focusing on Web Portal Applications, B2B, B2C and E Commerce solutions.

Has been steadily growing since inception.

Profitable and very well-funded enterprise.

//About Us

Our Purpose

Our Vision : Make digital an “Everyday, Everybody’s Experience”.

Our Mission: Help our clients to reinvent themselves with an affordable end-to-end digital services and enable them to be more profitable and socially relevant.

Our Values & Codes :
  • Pledge with Purpose
  • Strategize from the Core
  • Innovate from the Edge
  • Lead from the Heart & Mind
  • Serve with humility
  • Talk the Walk
  • Deliver with Passion

Make Digital an "Everyday, Everbody`s Experience" like Air & Water!

// About Us


Among our most important assets are the extensive knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism, and unwavering commitment of our highly-qualified, diverse staff. The Solutions consultants are at the core of who we are and what we do. From our Engagement Executives to our Subject Matter and Experts and Delivery/Quality Assurance Teams to our Senior Management, the solutions team is committed to delivering the highest quality product and providing unparalleled service to our customers with integrity.

As we continue to grow, every new day offers a chance for us to work together, pursue new opportunities, and improve upon the past. We establish in-depth relationships with our clients by learning their environments, challenges, and goals firsthand so that we can offer tangible solutions with a candid perspective. We continue to manage our business around the evolving needs of our clients so that we can be at the forefront of change and deliver value—because the value is what their shareholders and constituents demand.

It doesn’t matter how good the platform and process are if the people are not up to the job. Conversely, great innovators can prosper in the most inauspicious circumstances. Life is full of trade-offs, but whatever you may have to compromise on, don’t compromise on the team.

In planning a team, the mandate and objectives of the team will inform the skills, knowledge, and expertise required, and HR colleagues will usually be able to help structure this and manage a recruitment process. Nonetheless, the most important aspect is attitude. However much we systematize it, innovation is rarely an entirely smooth and predictable process without outstanding team players who are positive, resilient, and results-focused. Most will be natural problem-solvers, who navigate around obstacles (rather than being halted by them) and can think on their feet.

The pivotal role in any innovation program is the team leader. As well as good generic leadership capabilities, the leader needs both a high level of innovation-specific knowledge and skills with strong influencing and interpersonal skills to engage successfully with the core businesses and retain its support. Team leaders need good reputations and relationships across a business to broker appropriate ‘deals’, overcome natural barriers, and periodically ride out the incidents and crises that will inevitably arise from time to time.”

“Since the last decade, the term ERP has become synonymous with SAP. Such is the reputation of this German software, which has become a market leader in the ERP IT platform. While Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), as a concept led to ERP, companies have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-engineer and reinvent themselves by investing in ERP, read SAP.

Set to connect the functional areas of the business seamlessly viz., Production, Procurement, Sales, Distribution, Plant, Finance, Costing, Quality, Human Resources, Reporting, it is one software utility spread across the geographical locations of the company. Gone are the days where maintenance of systems was seen as cumbersome, redundant, and often causing unnecessary bottlenecks, SAP boasts of robust architecture and a high degree of standardization. Known as the ‘darling of top management’, it aims to provide critical information at finger-tips.

No wonder SAP has replaced the legacy mainframe and client-server applications in most of the fortune 500 companies. In particular, the manufacturing companies have embraced SAP with both hands as it effectively integrates the supply chain, record-to-report, human resources, and production planning functions, which form the backbone of any industry.

Its latest offerings such as CRM, Exchange Infrastructure, HANA have added a lot of value to the companies that already run on SAP. The acquisitions of Sybase, BO have been noteworthy additions. The BO/HANA data warehousing models have helped clients to manage and articulate their data more efficiently.

//About Us

Our Advantage

Customer-centric Engagement Model
  • Aligned to your business goals
Offshore Delivery Model
  • High quality, high availability, access to the best resources
Full Services Portfolio
  • Single source value, backed by Valiantica Inc intellectual property
  • Research in leading-edge technologies to support your business objectives
Valiantica Inc Advantage - Business Re-imagination

Customer centricity – aligned to your goals
  • Your dedicated team will have domain and technology capabilities resulting in specialized services / solutions.
  • Our engagement models are uniquely flexible, enabling design that fits the size and scale of your operations.
  • You have access to partnership gain-share and risk-share models focused on your success.
  • Your inputs and our expertise come together through our Centers of Excellence (COEs) to deliver bespoke solutions.
Your inputs and our expertise come together through our Centers of Excellence (COEs) to deliver bespoke solutions.
Globally Connected Workforce
  • On-site, local & near-shore, and offshore staffing
  • Broad technology and domain expertise
  • Efficient, scalable talent management
Seamlessly Integrated Delivery Processes
  • World Class quality processes
  • World-class security procedures
  • Mature project management processes and tools
Multi-tiered Infrastructure
  • Multi-continent, interconnected delivery center network
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications network with backup
  • Global collaboration tools
// About Us

Our Story

Technology Strength
  • Ecommerce Frame Work – Hybris, Magento, IBM/HCL Websphere Commerce, BroadLeaf
  • Frameworks/Languages - Java, JEE, ReactJs, AngularJS, Jquery, RESTful Web Services, NoSQL/ Cassandra / Big Table, j2EE, Java VM(oracle v8u25),Linux Kernel(ubuntu server V14-LTS)C, C++, Oracle BRM, Perl, Prolog TPF mainframe, Akamai, Cache concepts,Dev-ops,Scene 7(image Test & Host)
  • Cloud - Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure,Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Web Application (.NET and J2EE), Mobile Applications (ios, Android)
  • Mobile & E-commerce Apps, Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM).
  • Selenium, Groovy, Jenkins, Maven, Java, Python, Selendroid, Appium, Browser farms, Geb, Spock, Protractor, QTP, Worksofty certify
  • SOASTA, Load Runner, Jmeter, Gatling Stress Testing Tools
  • Cliclap,Google Analytics, Omniture, Wideo, Vimeo,
  • Digital First Approach: -Digital Asset: WebDAM, PCM:Salsify, CMS: Shopify, A/B:Optimizely Dev Ops: Aws, Azure, Chef, container, Ruby, GO, open stack, Jenkins CI and CD, GIT,

Valiantica Inc Strengths
  • Defined SLA for fixing production support issues
  • Get resource in 24 hrs time frame
  • Round the clock working model
  • Microsoft Link and skype availability for real-time video chat with client
  • Strong Workforce in Mobile Apps & Wearable software development
  • Experts in Automation frameworks for selenium web driver, API and Web services.
  • We have developers who worked in other mobile based companies.

Valiantica Inc Collaboration Model
  • Development team to ensure ease of communication and collaboration
  • Collaborative Global execution model between US and India
  • Facilitating speedy delivery
  • Proven, Mature global delivery process
  • Facilitates great Time savings
  • Faster time to Deploy/Market
  • Technology investments and use of
  • Collaboration tools ensure total transparency, control and customer involvement

While part of the team sleeps, reviews and testing can be performed by their teammates
Key benefits of our methodology
  • Scrum approach greatly reduces project development cycle and helps organizations "reduce time to market"
  • Very quick Returns on Investment (ROI) due to prioritization of requirements
  • Daily review helps daily tracking and impediment removal, and establishes high transparency
  • Avoiding "Project Killers" such as Poor communication, incomplete requirements etc
  • Extremely efficient change-management and reduced risk reduction
  • Lighter methodology than iterative approaches like RUP (although we use some of the key RUP concepts in the current process).
  • Supports only necessary documentation and replaces "Unnecessary documentation" with effective communication.