Transforming BFSI digital operations for a customer-centric world
Helping clients increase their digital customer experience across channels by leveraging the power of data and digital technology.

Banking and financial services firms need to humanize their digital customer experience across channels if they want to thrive in a digitally disrupted environment. Ameex helps leading and emerging BFSI companies leverage digital technology and harness the power of data to launch new products, deliver personalized customer experiences, increase revenue and mitigate risks.

Whether you want to simplify the complex nature of existing systems built over the years and seamlessly integrate them with newer technologies or achieve single view of your customer to deliver 1:1 personalized experience– We have done it all.

Over the past few years, Ameex has worked with leading companies on projects such as
  • Underwriting solution to a leading insurance client
  • Multisite restructure for a leading insurance client
  • Data Management, Data lake for a leading insurance client
  • Lead generation chatbot for a leading bank
  • Personalization in customer acquisition, which also reduced the exit rate
  • Personalization- Built a recommendation engine that helped client in customer targeting
  • UI/UX redesign for a leading bank
  • Text analytics
  • Claim processing- Built a neural network-based solution to fasten claims processing

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