Marketing Stack

Leveraging technologies to measure impact and optimize spending

Embracing agile marketing to measure, disseminate, and analyze customer data to deliver one-to-one intelligent experiences to your customer.

Creative Services

Where Creative ideas and Business Intelligence converge

Creative ideas and approaches that are fresh, intelligent and that which work. This is what we at Valiantica Inc promise and deliver.


Simplifying customer interactions

Our Chatbot platform is built with the in mind! AI is the foundation for creating humanized AI solutions - "Chatbots" that allows you to access or get things done faster and easier.

AI/ML Personalization

Transforming the connect between you and your audience with ML Personalization

Personalization is about engaging all your customers better to help convert them to top customers at the right time, with the right message, across devices providing an integrated omnichannel experience.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Making Security, Scalability, Performance and Privacy of customer data a top priority

It’s all about the . Utilizing the knowledge the rich profiles of customers and understanding their identity to deliver a secure and seamless customer experience.