Tech Stack

The absolute core of your Digital Architecture.

Programming languages, frameworks, and tools - The data ecosystem that acts as a solid core, a robust central technology helping drive your business functions forward.

Web Experience Platforms

Develop. Build. Optimize your digital experiences

We have the experience and expertise to develop, integrate and maintain high performing Content & Commerce solutions that powers digital experiences.


We understand the Ecommerce Business. Better

It’s all about the strategy. It’s all about accelerating your online business growth to engage and convert customers. And it’s all about enabling high-performance Ecommerce through a proven and structured methodology of processes.

QA and Automation Testing Services

Maintaining a higher level of consistency to deliver tangible cost benefits

Accelerate test automation to achieve its full potential without sacrificing quantity or quality of testing with Valiantica Inc Technologies Inc.

DevOps Development

All about collaboration and getting more done!

A process-oriented technology utilization to achieve your business goals. DevOps is all about symmetry and doing it right. A well oiled and streamlined methodology that works.

Application Integration

Enabling independently designed applications and services to work together

Allowing for a seamless conversation between technologies and platforms to deliver that unparalleled user experience.

ERP Development Services

Trusted Digital Partner for Your ERP Journey

We help companies of all sizes across industries to bring people and processes together with our expert EPR consulting and development services.

Site Audits

The KEY to performance optimization

Site audits must be three things - Accurate. Proactive. Come with a solution. Site audits identify the weak links and help correct them to deliver optimized web experience to your customers.

Hosting Solutions

Reliability, Certainty and Support 24/7*365

Secure. Reliable. Speed. This is what we offer as part of our hosting solutions. With a clear focus on offering value and customer service, our hosting solutions border on the compulsive.